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Dreaming of Xeres

The Third War : Book One

Do you feel like you don’t belong here?

Maybe you don’t.

Maybe you reincarnated from another planet.

What would you do if one day you found out that your loved ones had once lived on another planet? That they lived entire lifetimes before reincarnating here?

Dr. Riley MacPherson faces that dilemma when Tessa, his girlfriend, reveals in a past life regression that she’s originally from another world. One with orange-colored trees with blue leaves. This sends him on a quest to uncover all he can about this other world, Xeres. Along the way, Riley discovers more people who remember lives on that other world, and some of them are dying.

Can Riley uncover their shared past before an ancient enemy destroys their future?


"An Urban Fantasy where regression hypnosis discovers some present day humans had past lives on an alien planet. An interesting plot and a good first try for the series, but be ready for a lot of eating. Many scenes take place at dinner tables. – JoAnn Smith Ainsworth, Author of Expect Trouble"

—Goodreads Review

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