Unidentified Love is coming!

We are so excited! We’ve decided to offer a print edition of Unidentified Love. After weeks of hard work to create a matching back cover and reformat the book for print, we’re almost done. The proof copy is on its way to us. According to the tracking information, the proof copy decided to take a tour of the Midwest on its way to California from North Carolina. So far, it’s gone through Tennessee, Kentucky, and Indiana, which oddly enough is where both of the authors grew up.

As soon as we get the proof and approve it, the book will be available on Amazon. Stay tuned!

Writers Cooperative of the Pacific Northwest

Kyros and I belong to the Writers Cooperative of the Pacific Northwest here in Everett, WA. This group isn’t focused on helping you write better (that’s our Kickstart Writers Group) but, rather, they help you with the ins and outs of publishing your writing and marketing your products.

Recently, the Cooperative held a book launch party at the University Book Store in Mill Creek. While it wasn’t as well attended as last year’s event, it did provide a chance for the authors to meet the public. Another event is planned for Saturday, May 13, in downtown Olympia.

Past meetings have covered such diverse topics as: how to build your website, how to conduct yourself at an interview (Orion was the guinea pig for this demo and thoroughly enjoyed it!), and how to present yourself to the public.

Matthew Buza is their technical guru and a writer of YA fantasy. He is also responsible for their website. You don’t have to be a member to read the daily offerings of stories, blog posts, poetry, and other works by the group.

If you’re a writer or an aspiring writer, this group is worth checking out. If not, you can just drop by and read content from some of the best writers the Pacific Northwest.


Oh, we’re so excited!

We just ordered our first promotional postcard, featuring UNIDENTIFIED LOVE, our next release in paperback, and listing our upcoming releases.

Postcard front     postcard back


New Projects In The Works

It’s been awhile since we posted here, but we’ve been busy!

Kyros has been out of the country a lot in the past few months and with the time differences and the vagaries of internet connection, it’s been hard for us to write. Orion has been struggling with some health issues, so that’s slowed us down a bit too.

But in better news, we are happy to announce that we have two projected anthologies in the works: The Other Realms Brewpub and Damned If You Do.

The Other Realms Brewpub, the first of our Modern Magical Universe anthologies, arose from a Facebook comment wondering what it would be like if magic was a normal part of modern life. The first book is set in the Other Realms Brewpub, ORB for short, located somewhere in the Midwest. The banshee bartender deals with everything from Fergus, a fourth generation Leprechaun-American, to an assortment of witches, wizards, elves, centaurs, vampires, and mermen. Occasionally even gods and demons drop in.

The Damned If You Do anthology follows the life of a very unusual child from six years old to her majority at twenty-one. Her unusual talent and unique way of looking at the world make her a force to be reckoned with. Trust us, you don’t want to get on her bad side!

Each of these short stories was based on a set of three prompts from Orion’s Writers Kickstart group. At last count, that group has spawned twenty-eight published books ranging from science fiction to romance to young adult to adult coming of age. Check out their collection of short stories at Wild Words: An Anthology of Flash fiction by 22 authors of the Writers’ Kickstart Group and their FaceBook page under Writers Kickstart.

Past Life Regressions

In our book, Dreaming of Xeres, Riley MacPherson performs a past life regression for his girlfriend Tessa. She’s only looking for a connection to explain her fascination with the ancient Celts, but what she and Riley find is much older with worldwide repercussions.

Orion has had several past life regressions. In one, she found herself in the Aztec capital, Tenochtitlan. In a city of white, square buildings and pyramids, she was a hungry child begging her mother for food when an invading force killed her.

In another regression, she was a Native American man taking goods to a South American trade center that required a long journey across mountains. While there, she/he became engaged in a fight and was killed. There was some connection to cobalt beads as being a precious commodity. Research later showed that cobalt beads were indeed precious in early South American societies.

Her earliest past life regression revealed a short life as a seventeen-year-old navigator during World War II, serving aboard a B-17 that went down in the English Channel within sight of the White Cliffs of Dover.

It would seem Orion has a history of short lives, unlike her current one, thankfully.

Kyros, on the other hand, has only had one past life regression. In it, he saw himself as a young woman somewhere in 18th century America. He remembered wearing a white linen cap and running and playing with other girls.

At one point the person conducting the regression asked him to jump ten years into the future of that life. Kyros then looked down into very ample cleavage and breathlessly exclaimed, “I’m a woman now!”

He also saw an older woman in a blue linen cap walk across his field of vision and knew that whoever she was, he hated her with a passion.

If you are interested, a quick Google search for “Past Life Regression” in your area will likely reveal practitioners from a variety of sources and/or religions as well as articles for and against the practice.


Orion and Kyros had a great time at the GLAWS Speculative Fiction Genre Convention in January 2017 in Los Angeles. We met a lot of other writers of science fiction, some of them even famous. The panels were excellent, as usual. We even proposed hosting a panel of our own on long-distance collaborating. Hopefully, we get to present it at an upcoming convention.

Making Unidentified Love

So we just published Unidentified Love  as a Kindle book and we wanted to tell you how that came about.

As it happens, each of the chapters in UL began life as three prompts from the bi-weekly meetings of the Kickstart Writers Group https://www.facebook.com/groups/Kickstartwriters/.

While the original idea was to write 500-word flash fiction pieces, most of us have strayed from that length. The Ben and Nick stories are definitely not that short!


The Fabric of Lifetimes

Sometimes, even the villains get to tell a story.

The light in the viewing room was subdued today. On display behind and under glass were examples of some of the oldest surviving textiles and tapestries in the world.

Renata Abeille leaned over one special display case, absently stroking one perfectly manicured finger along its edge. My beauty! It’s been so long. Soon, soon, she promised.


Computer problems, uh oh.

Just wanted to give everyone a quick update. Orion’s laptop developed a problem with its onboard graphics that prevented it from even starting up. So after an online search revealed that it was a known problem with that particular MacBook Pro, I set her up with a visit to Apple’s Genius Bar. And since it’s a known problem, they’re going to fix it for free! So that means we won’t be able to do any writing until she gets it back sometime next week. But as soon as she does, we’ll dive right back into Book 2, Running to the Past.