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Archive for March, 2016

The Fabric of Lifetimes

Sometimes, even the villains get to tell a story.

The light in the viewing room was subdued today. On display behind and under glass were examples of some of the oldest surviving textiles and tapestries in the world.

Renata Abeille leaned over one special display case, absently stroking one perfectly manicured finger along its edge. My beauty! It’s been so long. Soon, soon, she promised.


Computer problems, uh oh.

Just wanted to give everyone a quick update. Orion’s laptop developed a problem with its onboard graphics that prevented it from even starting up. So after an online search revealed that it was a known problem with that particular MacBook Pro, I set her up with a visit to Apple’s Genius Bar. And since it’s a known problem, they’re going to fix it for free! So that means we won’t be able to do any writing until she gets it back sometime next week. But as soon as she does, we’ll dive right back into Book 2, Running to the Past.