About the Authors


About Orion

Orion’s dad taught her to read way before school, to love math, but above all, to learn and teach everything that came her way. And that’s the way she’s lived her life. She’s been known to pull folks under stairwells or into doorways to teach impromptu classes.

Orion has published short stories, poetry, and some non-fiction pieces, as well as a previous novel. Writing her first novel, a fanfic in the world of Blake’s Seven, titled Thieves in Time, meant hauling her computer across two counties every weekend in the early nineties while working with her previous co-author. Some of her flash fiction can be seen in Wild Words, a collection of prompt-driven, five hundred word short fiction written by the members of Kickstart Writers Meetup Group in Snohomish, WA. Dreaming of Xeres is the first book written in the world of The Third War. She really enjoys writing online with Kyros.

Orion has been a school teacher, librarian, factory worker, office worker, jewelry maker, glass etcher, gypsy business owner, science fiction convention and SCA vendor, metaphysical bookstore owner, and one summer, a mail carrier for the railroad. Raised on a farm in Indiana, she visited Europe at seventeen and has lived in Illinois, two separate times in California, and Hawaii. Currently, she resides in Everett, WA with her two cats, a piano, and walls lined with books. Her friends have sworn that they’ll never help her move again!

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About Kyros

Kyros has always been an avid reader and has written short stories since he was in middle school. In addition to writing, he’s worked as an EMT, a factory worker, a network engineer, and an electrician in the military. Then in his late 30’s, he went back to school to finish his degree. He graduated in 2008 from the University of Washington with a Bachelor’s Degree in Technical Communication. Even though Kyros worked in the software industry for a few years writing help documentation, he never gave up on his first love, writing fiction. When his job abruptly ended in early 2013, he decided to try his hand at finally writing the novel that had been banging around in his head for at least twenty years.

Like his co-author, Kyros grew up in small town Indiana in the middle of nowhere. As soon as he could, he left Indiana and headed west. This landed him in the Seattle area where he lived for eighteen years. Shortly after moving there he met his future co-author at a science fiction convention. They became fast friends and for a few years even owned a bookstore together. Eventually work and his heart led him to the San Francisco Bay area where currently he lives with his two husbands, two dogs, and a very opinionated African Grey parrot named Abby.

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