How We Write-The End

And so we come to the end….


This week’s story brings to a close our year of weekly short stories.

We started out by publishing three shorts in November and December of 2017, before we decided to publish our entire collection of short stories over the course of 2018. Yes, we really shared fifty-five short stories in just a little over a year. We hope our new readers will go back and read through them all. You can start at the beginning of our year of shorts and take a wild ride through the various wacky worlds we’ve created.

Or, you could go all the way back to the very first post on our blog and catch up on the side stories we wrote involving the characters from our novel, Dreaming of Xeres (DoX), starting with The Infamous Couch Story.

Starting next week, and coincidently, next year, we will be posting weekly progress updates as we (finally) begin work on the sequel to DoX, tentatively titled, Running to the Past.

See you next year…when we might just have a little surprise for you!

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