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Archive for October, 2017

New short story collection coming soon!

We’ve been hard at work on a new anthology entitled The Other Realms Brewpub (ORB for short).

This anthology contains stories from our new Modern Magic Universe series about a place where magical creatures co-exist with the modern world.

The idea for this world came from a Facebook post where someone complained that they wanted a magical universe where you get a shot of confidence in your espresso before you go on a blind date. Kyros thought that would be a fun place to play and shared the idea with Orion and off we went.

There will be twelve stories in the first collection, all centered around a magical brewpub located in the middle of nowhere Kansas. We’ll introduce you to the pooka who owns the bar and is also the cook. The bartender who is a centuries-old banshee. Along the way, you’ll also meet leprechauns, fairies, witches, gods, and a multitude of other magical creatures. Oh, and it’s also a favorite hangout for the Prince of Darkness! Everyone has a hell of a good time!