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Archive for May, 2017

Unidentified Love is coming!

We are so excited! We’ve decided to offer a print edition of Unidentified Love. After weeks of hard work to create a matching back cover and reformat the book for print, we’re almost done. The proof copy is on its way to us. According to the tracking information, the proof copy decided to take a tour of the Midwest on its way to California from North Carolina. So far, it’s gone through Tennessee, Kentucky, and Indiana, which oddly enough is where both of the authors grew up.

As soon as we get the proof and approve it, the book will be available on Amazon. Stay tuned!

Writers Cooperative of the Pacific Northwest

Kyros and I belong to the Writers Cooperative of the Pacific Northwest here in Everett, WA. This group isn’t focused on helping you write better (that’s our Kickstart Writers Group) but, rather, they help you with the ins and outs of publishing your writing and marketing your products.

Recently, the Cooperative held a book launch party at the University Book Store in Mill Creek. While it wasn’t as well attended as last year’s event, it did provide a chance for the authors to meet the public. Another event is planned for Saturday, May 13, in downtown Olympia.

Past meetings have covered such diverse topics as: how to build your website, how to conduct yourself at an interview (Orion was the guinea pig for this demo and thoroughly enjoyed it!), and how to present yourself to the public.

Matthew Buza is their technical guru and a writer of YA fantasy. He is also responsible for their website. You don’t have to be a member to read the daily offerings of stories, blog posts, poetry, and other works by the group.

If you’re a writer or an aspiring writer, this group is worth checking out. If not, you can just drop by and read content from some of the best writers the Pacific Northwest.


Oh, we’re so excited!

We just ordered our first promotional postcard, featuring UNIDENTIFIED LOVE, our next release in paperback, and listing our upcoming releases.

Postcard front     postcard back