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What? A New Book? Really?

Other Realms Brewpub Cover

Hey, everybody! We’re not dead! We’ve just been dealing with a lot this year and slooowly but surely (and don’t call us Shirley) working on completing the final edits on our newest anthology, the Other Realms Brewpub

We are happy to announce that as of last week, we’ve finished! That means that the ebook is up for pre-order right now and will be available this Friday, August 16th for purchase, with the physical book following a week or so later. (Kyros is getting married literally the day after the book comes out, so we need a little more time to get the wrap-around cover completed for the physical book.)

So, you wanna know what it’s about, right? Here’s the blurb we wrote for Amazon:  

The Other Realms Brewpub, a magical bar in the middle of nowhere Kansas, plays host to all kinds of fantastical beings. From leprechauns to wizards, pookas to Greek gods, witches to akaname, the bar’s staff and clientele run the gamut of fantasy creatures. Their stories detail what life is like for magical creatures in modern Midwestern America.

At this bar, you never know who might show up next. Just ask the poor, beleaguered banshee bartender who’s being relentlessly courted by Satan.

Remember, if you pick the book up, please leave us a review on Amazon. It helps other people find our books and puts smiles on our poor, tired author faces. :^)

A treat for our loyal readers

Now that our year of short stories is over, we thought we’d share a little sneak preview from the sequel to Dreaming of Xeres, tentatively titled Running to the Past.

In the epilogue of DoX, we dropped a bombshell and revealed the true identity of one of our characters. In this piece, the prologue to book two, our characters finally find out what happened to Xeres and where it was located.


Photo credit – Bftws on Deviantart

Running to the Past – Prologue

“I can’t believe what I’m seeing,” Memveta said, her voice trilling into hysterics. “How could this have happened?”

Thion shook his head. “It must have been something in the interaction between the Bylantians’ weapon and ours.” His tone was flat, though Ezarra could see the horror in the Klymurian elder’s eyes.

“These readings are impossible,” Ezarra said, her body thrumming with tension. “The sensors indicate that the debris is not even chemically compatible. It’s as though several vastly different planets exploded here, not just our home. Something happened when our weapons combined. Xeres wasn’t just destroyed, the basic building blocks of the planet were warped into incompatible elements.” (more…)

Unidentified Love is Here!

Yay! Unidentified Love is finally available in paperback!

It took Kyros several months of hard work and caused him to pull out chunks of (blue at the moment) hair to kick the original ebook through Scrivener and into a form acceptable to CreateSpace, Amazon’s print-on-demand arm.

But that means you can now hold Unidentified Love in your hot little hands! And Orion and Kyros can add the physical book to their growing shelf of published books.

So, rush to your computer, pull up Amazon, and get your very own copy of Unidentified Love today.


The wraparound cover art for the paperback.

Unidentified Love is coming!

We are so excited! We’ve decided to offer a print edition of Unidentified Love. After weeks of hard work to create a matching back cover and reformat the book for print, we’re almost done. The proof copy is on its way to us. According to the tracking information, the proof copy decided to take a tour of the Midwest on its way to California from North Carolina. So far, it’s gone through Tennessee, Kentucky, and Indiana, which oddly enough is where both of the authors grew up.

As soon as we get the proof and approve it, the book will be available on Amazon. Stay tuned!


Oh, we’re so excited!

We just ordered our first promotional postcard, featuring UNIDENTIFIED LOVE, our next release in paperback, and listing our upcoming releases.

Postcard front     postcard back


New Projects In The Works

It’s been awhile since we posted here, but we’ve been busy!

Kyros has been out of the country a lot in the past few months and with the time differences and the vagaries of internet connection, it’s been hard for us to write. Orion has been struggling with some health issues, so that’s slowed us down a bit too.

But in better news, we are happy to announce that we have two projected anthologies in the works: The Other Realms Brewpub and Damned If You Do.



Orion and Kyros had a great time at the GLAWS Speculative Fiction Genre Convention in January 2017 in Los Angeles. We met a lot of other writers of science fiction, some of them even famous. The panels were excellent, as usual. We even proposed hosting a panel of our own on long-distance collaborating. Hopefully, we get to present it at an upcoming convention.

Computer problems, uh oh.

Just wanted to give everyone a quick update. Orion’s laptop developed a problem with its onboard graphics that prevented it from even starting up. So after an online search revealed that it was a known problem with that particular MacBook Pro, I set her up with a visit to Apple’s Genius Bar. And since it’s a known problem, they’re going to fix it for free! So that means we won’t be able to do any writing until she gets it back sometime next week. But as soon as she does, we’ll dive right back into Book 2, Running to the Past.

Annual Digital Writers Conference

This was the second conference we’ve attended put on by the Greater Los Angeles Writers Society. We learn so much at these conferences: pages upon pages of notes about topics like–how to be better writers, how to better market our book, and how to have a better online presence. Orion and I drive back up to San Francisco this afternoon. If past experience is any indication, we will talk about what we’ve learned the entire six-hour drive plus well into the night tonight. It’s going to be a long, but fun, day.

While we were in Los Angeles, we also took the opportunity to hang out with the very talented Chris Lang, who provided the voices for our characters in the audiobook version of Dreaming of Xeres. We hung out for several hours, talking about topics from all over the spectrum. Eventually, our conversation wandered to the upcoming books in The Third War series and Chris got an earful about what’s in store for Riley, Tessa, Alex and the gang. He’s the first person, besides Orion and me, who has heard the overarching story that will play out across the projected four books in this series. It was cool to let someone in on the secrets and then watch his reaction. As a writer, you always worry about how people will feel about your story but seeing Chris’ reaction to what we have planned had me smiling like a goofball the rest of the night. I felt revitalized after months of feeling like we weren’t making enough progress. Now, I can’t wait to finish the story so that everyone  can share in this world we’ve created and see what’s in store for our characters.

Orion visits San Francisco

Orion left the rainy Seattle area behind and is currently in the San Francisco Bay Area visiting with Kyros before they make the trek to Los Angeles for the Annual Digital Author and Indie Publishing Writers Conference this weekend. They’re excited about several interesting panels there, as well as getting to hang out with their wonderful Audible book producer, Chris Lang.

Kyros took Orion sightseeing today visiting several settings from Dreaming of Xeres, like the cafe Tessa and Diana drooled over the hunky Norse barista in while working.

Next time, they’ll get pics and share them here.