New Projects In The Works

It’s been awhile since we posted here, but we’ve been busy!

Kyros has been out of the country a lot in the past few months and with the time differences and the vagaries of internet connection, it’s been hard for us to write. Orion has been struggling with some health issues, so that’s slowed us down a bit too.

But in better news, we are happy to announce that we have two projected anthologies in the works: The Other Realms Brewpub and Damned If You Do.

The Other Realms Brewpub, the first of our Modern Magical Universe anthologies, arose from a Facebook comment wondering what it would be like if magic was a normal part of modern life. The first book is set in the Other Realms Brewpub, ORB for short, located somewhere in the Midwest. The banshee bartender deals with everything from Fergus, a fourth generation Leprechaun-American, to an assortment of witches, wizards, elves, centaurs, vampires, and mermen. Occasionally even gods and demons drop in.

The Damned If You Do anthology follows the life of a very unusual child from six years old to her majority at twenty-one. Her unusual talent and unique way of looking at the world make her a force to be reckoned with. Trust us, you don’t want to get on her bad side!

Each of these short stories was based on a set of three prompts from Orion’s Writers Kickstart group. At last count, that group has spawned twenty-eight published books ranging from science fiction to romance to young adult to adult coming of age. Check out their collection of short stories at Wild Words: An Anthology of Flash fiction by 22 authors of the Writers’ Kickstart Group and their FaceBook page under Writers Kickstart.

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