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Archive for December, 2015

Blown Away

Keir injects a little magic into Science Day at Great America. Enjoy! 

“Isn’t this cool?” Barry bubbled, dancing backward in front of Kier. They were heading to the Gold Striker Roller Coaster, the first stop on their quest.

Kier could only nod, too busy inventorying the stores and eateries and games on either side of them he wanted to check out later.

Around them, Great America hummed, a giant machine waiting to be activated. And it was just for them! He still couldn’t believe he was really there for the Physics-Science-Math day again. They had already picked up accelerometers to perform their tests while riding the coaster.

“I love that we get to ride roller coasters all day,” Barry said, excitement making his voice squeak.

“For science!” Kier shouted, punching the air with his fist.

“Science can be so awesome!”


All New Website

Our original website was created using do-it-yourself tool popular on the web. It was great for ease of creating a basic presence, but was absolutely horrible to try to keep a blog on. Just getting to the screen where we could start typing a blog took several minutes. We thought we could get around that by writing the blog post offline and then just pasting it in. Sadly, that didn’t help either. The editor stripped out all the formatting from our posts, so we had to go back over everything and reformat it. It became a huge pain to blog there so we started investigating alternatives.

We’d heard from several other authors that WordPress was the easiest to use and that there was a huge author community there that we could connect in to. So I began working during our few off hours trying to build a new site for The Third War. But after two months of beating his head against the beast that is WordPress, I gave up and sought help.

Thankfully, I found Jeremy Tolbert at Clockpunk Studios. He is an author himself and builds websites for other authors. We talked to him about what we wanted for our site and a few things we’d love to have but that we were convinced were pipe dreams. Jeremy sold us on his plan and we signed the contract. Working with him was easy. I’ve only ever had such an easy working relationship with maybe three or four people total. He delivered all we could hope for and more.

Now we’re happy to present to you, our amazing readers, with our new website.

Welcome to The Third War.

Rustycon 33 – January 15-17, 2016

WooHoo! We’re going to be at Rustycon January 15-17, 2016, in SeaTac, WA. It’s a long-running Pacific Northwest science fiction convention we’ve been to and enjoyed many times over the years. The people are friendly, the writer’s track is awesome, and there’s a food kiosk in the lobby to keep you from starving to death!

Come one, come all! We’ll be at writing panels and at the Cascade Writers booth.Find us out and about or at the Cascade Writers table and get your guild badge ribbons. Everyone gets an orange Xerian Ambassador ribbon. But then you have to decide where your loyalties lie. Do you wear red and swear allegiance to the scientific Bylantians or do you wear purple and swear allegiance to the magical Klymurians.

Hope to see you there!