Musings On A Journey

The idea for this series had been knocking around in Kyros’ mind for about twenty years. When he lost his job, he asked his husbands if he could be the house husband and try his hand at writing a novel. He had always loved to write, and had a degree in Technical Communication. He’s a really good idea person and editor but didn’t think that he could write well enough to publish. He came to me and we worried the idea over about two months, creating characters, magic, the guilds, the entire world frame for the story.

When we finally started writing, we put in six to eight hours a day for between five and seven days a week until we got the first draft done. We had characters show up that we hadn’t planned for and finished with a completely different ending than we originally plotted. We set up a Facebook page for our series and a forum site for readers and characters to play in. That led to us creating over a hundred characters profiles to play with there so we could use their posts in the story. (Hard work, but fun!) When we were done, we let it sit for a few days, but both of us found we didn’t know what to do with all our suddenly-free time! It was like going cold turkey on caffeine or sugar!

The edit went exceptionally fast, though slower than it could have been since we had to put in extra scenes that were needed after our ending changed. Interestingly, we found loads of clues we’d dropped along the way that hinted at our revised ending without even realizing it. We’d subconsciously been dropping these hints before we changed the ending!

The slowest part of working on the book, though? Getting all of the business things done to get it published! Who knew that the writing would be the easiest part of the project! We’re almost done with all the business details (setting up a partnership, building the website, getting an ISBN number, etc).

To keep our hand in, we’ve been writing side and back stories in the world of The Third War. The first one, The Infamous Couch Story, is already available on Facebook and will be on our website, which should go live very soon. The second, Snakegrrrl, should be up within the week.

And lastly, as of this week, we’ve begun plotting Running to the Past, the second book in The Third War series. Currently, we’ve plotted out at least four books for this series. Stay tuned!

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