We’re Making An Audiobook!

We were writing Chapter 2 when we stopped to work on the audio book for Book 1.

What an interesting process. First, we had to determine the parameters for the voice we’d like, then what we were willing to pay per hour. We submitted our requirements on Audible.com and got two responses, each with a demo attached. We listened, debated, and rejected them. So, we listened to other narrators on the board. Then one stood out in the field as perfect: Chris Lang. We LOVED his demo, but he was wayyy out of our price range. When we contacted him and he read our blurb, he signed on to our project anyway, because he believed in our book. His goal is to do the audible versions of all the sequels. Oh, and Orion had to add a new sheet on our spreadsheet: a pronunciation guide.

We have the proof recording now, so we have to listen to it, all 13+ hours of it, then work with Chris on changes. You’re gonna love this audiobook. Chris has such a good grasp of our characters that we find ourselves wrapped up in listening that we’re anxious to see how a scene or chapter ends, even though we wrote it!


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